Back On the Road

8:36 pm, Toronto Pearson Airport, en route to London, England.

When people ask me why I travel, I always explain by namedropping my family. I tell them that through 3 generations on both sides of my family, there were endless stories of adventures. My paternal great-grandparents trained to Europe on numerous business trips (mind you, this is the mid to late 1800's) and eventually gave birth to my grandma in Soviet Russia. My maternal side didn't lack in the excitement either-my grandpa made it to Tibet and the base camp of Mount Everest before deciding that his heart wasn't up for the adventure (he was there for scientific research). When it came to my parents, they sought their own wanderlust by moving halfway across the world, and continuously road tripped and flew to new places. This explains why I had my first plane ride at 6 months.

Being a photographer now allows me to combine my love for travelling with photo documentation. I daydream about the places that my family has been to and yearn for all the cities that I still need to visit. I'm continuously looking for excuses to wander off again so I can capture more. And while I am not at home, I always feel like I'm at home being on the road. There is just something special about waking up in a foreign place.

This summer, much like last year, I'll be embarking on a 4 month backpacking trip. Armed with all my equipment, and some clothing, I'll be venturing to both familiar places as well as unfamiliar grounds (see below for an itinerary!). To be honest, I'm a littler nervous just because I am unsure of what to expect. Last year where Asia was my priority, I had a better grasp of it all since it was a region I travelled often to. This year, however, is a totally new ball game. There are so many aspects that I just don't have any idea about. 

But, maybe thats what makes it more exciting.

Everything experienced will be untainted and fresh and inspiring. Just enough to get the photo juices running again.

P.S. Make sure to keep checking back for blog posts and pictures on every leg of my journey. And comment! Would love to hear your thoughts and personal experiences on travel :)


May 8-15 England ; May 16-24 Spain ;  May 24-June 4 Morocco ; June 4-7 Belgium ;  June 7-14 Netherlands ; June 14-July 32 Germany ; July 3-30 Israel ; July 30-Aug 7 Jordan ; Aug 7-23 Turkey

Catching a sunrise mid-air

Catching a sunrise mid-air